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Esports Coaching Academy's platform empowers individuals and organizations to create professional and profitable youth esports programs that build community and enhance young gamers' skills - both online and offline.

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The foundation of a great youth program is an educated coach.

ECA provides coaches with the education needed to work with youth who are passionate about gaming, and parents who want to support their child's overall development. We offer two certifications.

ECA Esports Coaching Certification

Covers the fundamentals of coaching and esports coaching.

ECA Game-Specific Certifications

Dives deeper into the nature and techniques of specific games.

Developing youth gamers of all skill levels.

The ECA Methodology and programs enables ECA certified coaches to nurture young gamers to:

Build life-long skills

Gamers not only build in-game skills but transferable life-skills such as communication and cooperation.

Belong to a community

Gamers attend in-person coach-lead sessions where they practice and compete with other gamers.

Develop holistically

ECA programs are designed to promote healthy gaming, where gamers are taught to develop physically and mentally.

Improve in-game skills

Gamers are taught foundational game-agnostic skills, which enables them to improve in any game.

Operating a successful youth program requires the right programming.

The ECA Classroom is a comprehensive library with pre-built esports programs for semester long trainings or short bootcamps.


An array of game-agnostic, in-game, and physical exercises.

Training Sessions

Complete training sessions that are fully customizable.


Complete game-specific fundamentals courses and bootcamps.

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This is the future way of Esports coaching!

Oskar Hemby - Performance Coach

The ECA products, the education certification, and the platform have enabled us to get our esports division at ÍA off to a flying start. From day 1, we have used the ECA platform to develop quality training sessions that players love.

Sölvi Már Sigurjónsson - Head Coach, ÍA

The course appeals to multiple learning methods. No matter how you learn, you will be able to absorb all of the information in a concise, simplistic and structured manner.

Max Frost - Coach, NewMeta

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