Ready-to-run youth esports training programs.

Unlimited access to high quality pre-built esports courses, exercises, and training sessions that enable you to run structured esports training programs in no time!


Complete programming.

All programs are designed to develop healthy gaming habits while improving a gamer's in-game skills, mental toughness, fitness, and overall well-being.


  • An array of game-agnostic, in-game, and physical exercises.
  • Training Sessions

  • Complete training sessions.
  • Courses

  • Complete game-specific fundamentals courses and boot camps.
  • Why use the ECA platform?

    Time savings

    Pre-built programs that are ready to run.


    Create the same experience for your students.


    The intuitive platform requires minimal staff training.


    Our platform scales with you, if you are launching or established, we grow with you!


    Become part of a global community and learn best practices from others.

    The most frequently asked questions.

    Answered by Bjarki Már Sigurðsson, Head of Content

    How often do you refresh content?

    Every time there is a change to a game title, we refresh and update content accordingly.

    Can I use the platform to run sessions with different skill levels?

    Yes, you can customize sessions to meet gamers specific needs.

    Do I have to be a pro gamer to use the content?

    No, our content is structured and written for anyone to coach multiple titles, we focus on teaching core game mechanics.



    The ECA platform and team were instrumental in launching our esports program. We used the platform to plan and build all our training sessions. The platform is great because we can develop focused training sessions with the right drills and exercises for our players. Having the support of the ECA team and access to the platform, helped us feel prepared in operating our program.

    Eiður Smári Árnason - Coach, ÍA

    Want to learn more?

    Talk to a member of our team.

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